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Malaysia is one of the biggest oil manufacturers in Asia. It has expanded and improved its national economy with about 40% for the last few years. And these are not all the new things that happen in economy and financial sphere in Malaysia. Forex world has been popularized here for the last decades, as well, and no matter how many followers it has found, recently it was nothing else, but another form of gambling. Thankfully, things have changed for Malaysia and today anybody of you can make trades, while being in Malaysia and while being based there without facing the jail. We remind you thank only 5 years ago, several people went to jail due to Forex trading in Malaysia. And it wasn’t because of a fraud, but because the country did not want to accept financial trading as a legal activity. Today it is and here are all the things you need to know about Forex trading in Malaysia, if this is your plan.

Overview Of Malaysia Forex World

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Malaysia goes on keeping the liberal Foreign Exchange Administration (FEA) approaches and methods for regulation and official license providing procedures, which are mainly prudential measures to support the overall economy in good condition. The monetary and financial stability are top priorities for the agency, which made it rearrange its drastic measures against both – Malaysian traders and all financial brokersthat are listed here. Meanwhile, the National Bank of Malaysia has also made a commitment to ensure that FEA strategies and measures will continue to support and enhance the competitiveness of national economy alongside with the Forex market growth.

Top Forex Brokers That Accept Malaysian Traders


The Role Of Bank Negara In Malaysia Forex Sphere

Bank Negara is actually the name behind Malaysian National Bank. It has a giant role for traders and trading websites, because it is the official regulator for them in the country. The Bank is responsible to provide official licenses for the brokers and to keep the Malaysian traders safe regarding their personal data and money they invest or win by trading. The Bank has a very strict, but quite working transparency policy for Forex brokers. In the beginning, experts in the field from UK and Cyprus (the leaders in regulation of Forex trading) believed that such measures cannot work in such a sphere as Forex. Though, Bank Negara proved it can handle it. Today, the Malaysian National Bank does handle over 50 different officially registered and quite popular Forex brokers in the country. The Bank is also in charge for all the complaints about or from traders, brokers and independent financial agencies that have any connection with financial trading market. Bank Negara Malaysia was set up to provide certain financial services that would position the whole country to future growth with the purpose to turn into a really recognized developed country by the year 2020. Financial trading on the local currency in the Forex market was considered by this establishment to propel the nation to compete at the global markets.

Is It Illegal To Trade In Malaysia After All?

Trading in Malaysia is not illegal. It is fully official and conducted with the national laws for financial activity. After its program for economy growth, Malaysia has provided the opportunity for Bank Negara to operate in this market, as well. Being a developing country, Malaysia aims to permit its residents to trade freely in the foreign currency market with official and convenient Forex accounts that should be, though, executed and at first opened only with licensed onshore banks or offshore banks as well as identified and approved International Islamic Banks. It is curious that Malaysia does allow its residents to open a specific Forex account – joint account. The joint account lets several people to group and to trade with their money together. As you can guess, this provides the chance for the traders to have bigger capital for Forex activity. The main reason for such a policy is the fact that Malaysia is trying to encourage financial trading, but it is harsh yet for doing so since the citizens here are neither so familiar, nor so rich to spend so much money on online Forex trades. Now, with the joint account it could sound more interesting and profitable.
When joining a Malaysian broker, on the other side, as a person from another country you might be feeling some difficulties as to customer support communication or account management. Still, let`s give this country a chance to grow, because we are sure that in few years local Forex world will modernize and become as interactive and convenient as it is now in leading financial trading countries like UK or Canada.

FBS, FBS Malaysia, FBS Forex Malaysia


FBS, an international forex broker based in Belize, has its presence in more than 120 countries around the world. FBS has stood out in forex trading; a fact that can be attested to by the number of accolades which this broker has won thanks to its high standard services. For instance, FBS is the holder of the Best Customer Service Broker Asia 2016 as well as the Highly Recommended Broker Insurance of the Year in Indonesia. In 2012, FBS emerged as the fastest growing broker in all of Asia.

FBS currently offers its customers trading on more than forty trading symbols which include 35 currency pairs, four metals, and two CFDs.

FBS started in 2009 and is fully regulated by the International Financial Services Commission, commonly referred to as IFSC. FBS has its offices in a number of Asian major countries, including Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Jordan, and Russia and prides itself on having a customer base of about 700,000.


FBS Pros:

  • Quite a high reputation
  • Excellent trading platforms
  • Outstanding customer services offered by well trained and qualified professionals
  • Known to give its customers various bonuses from time to time
  • Available demo account

FBS cons:

  • Some of the bonuses offered by FBS require quite a lot of trading to become eligible
  • FBS is not regulated by some highly regarded bodies in the world of forex trading
  • Not all services are available in some parts of the world


First, it is important to note that FBS employs two trading platforms – Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5, which are both excellent for traders who are looking forward to executing their trades without any hiccups. You can decide to use the online version or download these trading platforms and you’ll be good to go. The two platforms operate well on all Operating Systems such as Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS.

Regarding trading accounts, FBS offers six trading accounts for its traders. Each account comes with its own unique benefits and requirements.  FBS accounts take into consideration that there are traders who do not want additional risk in their trading, while there is another group that has more of an appetite for risk in order to potentially make more. FBS accounts include:

  • Cent account: Here, a trader can deposit a minimum of $1. This account also comes with floating spreads of 1pip. There is commission attached to this type of account. The leverage is up to 1000:1. FBS’s Cent account also offers a maximum of fifty open positions and pending orders.
  • Micro account: FBS’s Micro account comes with a minimum deposit of $5 and floating spreads of 3 pip. There are also no commissions in this account, while the leverage stands at 3000:1. Here, there are 100 open positions and pending orders.
  • Standard account: The Standard account’s minimum deposit is $100. In addition to no commission on this account, it is also important to note that it comes with a floating spread of 1pip. The leverage is 3000:1 with maximum 100 open positions.
  • Zero account: The minimum deposit in this account is a bit higher, standing at $500 with floating spreads from 0 and $20 per lot commission. The leverage is 3000:1 and maximum 100 open positions and pending orders.
  • Unlimited account: As with the Zero account, the minimum deposit that a trader can make on FBS’s unlimited account is $500. The floating spread ranges from 0.2 pips. There is also no commission while the leverage is up to 500:1. There are also no trading limits on this type of account.
  • ECN account: The ECN account comes with a minimum deposit of $1000 and a floating spread of from 1 pip and $6 commission. The leverage is up to 500:1 with unlimited maximum open positions.


FBS is an STP, Straight Through Processing, type of a broker. This means that traders do not have to go through a dealing desk but instead, these brokers execute and send their client orders directly to the liquidity providers.

That is one of the most trusted ways of trading in the world of forex trading because it provides a trading environment which is secure, transparent and fair.


FBS is, in no doubt, one of the most trusted forex brokers in the Asian market. Since FBS opened its doors in 2009, it has seen its customer base continue to multiply thanks to the level of professionalism they continue to receive at the hands of FBS.

This IFSC regulated broker has been awarded a good number of top awards in Asia, something which speaks volumes about its reputation. For instance, and in 2015, FBS was named Best ECN Broker of that year. FBS seems to hold with high regards its customer services, a factor which has been attributed to its massive growth across Asia.


It is certainly of much importance for any trader to take note that FBS accepts payments in various methods including Mastercard, Visa, Neteller, Webmoney and Skrill to name a few.


FBS is a force to reckon with in the Asian forex market. This is not only demonstrated by the number of accolades that they won, but also at the level of professional customer services that have continued to offer.

FBS also offers a number of trading accounts, something which takes care of a starting trader to those who are seasoned in this trade. FBS is also regulated, which is a good thing and, all that said and done, FBS is certainly a broker that is highly recommended.



HotForex, Hot Forex Broker, HotForex Malaysia

Forex Broker
Regulation CySEC, FSC, FSB, FCA, BaFin
Trading software HotForex MT4, HotForex PAMM System
Headquartered HF Markets Ltd C/o SAFYR UTILIS LTD 7th Floor, Tower 1 NeXTeracom Cybercity Ebene 72201 Mauritius

HotForex is an award winning forex and commodities broker, providing trading services and facilities to both retail and institutional clients. Through its policy of providing the best possible trading conditions to its clients and allowing both scalpers and traders using expert advisors unrestricted access to its liquidity, HotForex has positioned itself as the forex broker of choice for traders worldwide.

Earning your trust

Operating under the brand name “HotForex” is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) the Company holds a Cyprus Investment Firm license with number183/12 and also has a Category 1 Global Business License issued by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of the Republic of Mauritius.

What we provide

HotForex broker offers various account types, trading software and tools to facilitate individuals and institutional customers to trade Forex and Commodities online, demo account and trading on webtrader and different types of demo contest. The broker offers trading HotForex MT4, HotForex PAMM System which are company’s customized versions of the world’s most popular trading platform. Besides, original mt4 download is available at mt4 server. All Retail, Affiliates and White Label clients have the opportunity to access interbank spreads and liquidity via state of the art automated trading platforms. HotForex provides an unparalleled variety of account options that clients can select to enjoy a tailored trading experience that perfectly suits their needs. Coupled with superior trading conditions and lightning fast execution, HotForex provides all the tools and services needed for clients of any level to realize their trading ambitions.

Pushing the boundaries

With many years of active trading experience across multiple platforms and markets, the progressive and dynamic HotForex management team recognized that traditional web based forex brokers would be placed under increasing pressure due to their delays in executing trades, frequent system failures and poor overall customer service. As a result, HF forex aims to lead the way forward through the usage of cutting edge technology, innovative forex systems solutions, low cost commissions and unrivalled customer service.

By your side at every step

HotForex clients are of paramount importance, which is why everything we do is always with the goal of improving their overall trading experience. Our dedication to clients stems from our belief in offering a level of personal customer service that is second to none. The Hot Forex customer support team is comprised of industry professionals who are available around the clock 24/5 to help clients with anything they may need from initial registration to the withdrawal of trading profits.

Not just a mission, it’s a promise

Our Mission is To be the most reliable broker in the industry in terms of the services we offer. What does reliable mean? To be Consistently good in quality of performance and able to be trusted.


Our Values are the way we consistently achieve our Mission. At HF broker we value getting results, honesty, teamwork, building exceptional products and services and most of all putting clients and partners first by offering the best services possible to them.

High quality services offered in HF Markets LTD Mauritius and reliable FSC & CySEC regulation keep the company far apart from some scam dealing centers operating currently on the market. HF forex broker ratings and HotForex reviews show that the company is highly popular among traders worldwide. To leave your personal HotForex review please visit the company’s profile page on our site where you can also read broker review by other traders. But always remember that a forex broker review may not be objective enough before making any decisions.


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Lite Forex Malaysia

LiteForex’s development since its founding in 2005. LiteForex the first to create the cent accounts service with the lowest deposit of as little as $1. This unprecedented step made Forex available to hundreds of thousands of clients and changed the history of the Forex market’s development.

Today, Lite Forex is a reputable international broker that services clients from all across the globe, offering advantageous and transparent trading conditions and a wide range of services, including cent, STP and ECN accounts.

The clients have access to a variety of popular trading tools, such as CFDs, currency pairs, cross-rates, precious metals, world stock indexes, and oil.

More info about liteforex just go to Liteforex broker website.

Forex Broker in Malaysia

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At Forex Malaysia we help traders find regulated forex brokers, and educational articles aimed to improve your forex trading experience.  I encourage you to read around, and learn some of the trading basics, and understand the qualities of brokers because this will empower you to make the right choice.  Whatever you are here for, we hope you that you enjoy your stay and that you find this information helpful and engaging.


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FBS Forex

Lite Forex



Forex in Malaysia

Forex trading is legal in Malaysia, although The Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), the financial authority in Malaysia, places restrictions. A law states that it is not allowed for any Forex trader in Malaysia to deal in currencies without an authorized broker in Malaysia. Traders living abroad are not subject to this regulation.

List of best Forex brokers in Malay

Here you can find a list of global reliable Forex brokers online offering service in Bahasa Malaysia for traders living abroad.




Learn Forex Trading

Forex Trading

Forex trading online, the process of trading foreign currencies via the internet, though a relatively new form of investing, has quickly become one of today’s largest growing investment markets. Due to its high level of liquidity, simple execution, low transaction fees, and the fact that it is open year-round, 24 hours a day, the foreign currency trading market, otherwise known as forex trading, is extremely attractive to investors. Free of barriers to trade, forex trading offers the most equitable trading arena for all levels of customer. As you begin forex trading it is important to understand that, like all other forms of trading, there is risk involved with investments.

Forex Trading Basics.

Foreign Exchange trading, better known as Forex trading, is the concurrent buying of one currency while selling another. Forex trading is based on the movements of a set of currencies that are sold in currency pairs, where one currency is the base and one is the counter or quote currency. It also puts the currencies in terms of one currency’s supply compared to the other currency’s demand. The gains or loss on a trade are based on the relative movements of the currencies within each currency pair. Pips or points are the numerical way in which the movements of currencies are quoted, positive movements being gains, negative movements reflecting losses. There are countless tools, and strategies associated with currency trading, and when first beginning, it is important to understand these tools before implementing any of them in trading strategies. Here is a list of the more popularly used Forex Trading Tools.

Technical and Fundamental Analysis.

In basic terms, there are two ways to analyze a currency trade. Reading and being well acquainted with political and financial news in terms of interest rate adjustments, international trade, and the general economic welfare of countries (GDP), are associated with what is called fundamental analysis, and are something for all traders to consider. The second type of trading is the technical analysis approach, which incorporates mathematical time charts and graphs that utilize historical currency movements to make predictions in the future. After determining whether fundamental trading, technical trading, or a combination of the two is appropriate, novice traders should test them on a forex demo account. This allow you to see the results of your strategies without risking your investments. From there it is easier to determine how risk-adverse a trader you are, and where you should place your stop/limit orders. Stops and limit orders are prearranged prices indicating positions, maximums and minimums, when traders would want to exit the markets, to hedge against massive losses. But above all, traders must realize that what they are willing to risk should also be what they are willing to lose.

The Establishment of Exchange Rates

Developing global currency values and the rates that they are traded are a result of many events, both concrete and psychological. Speculative foreign exchange in the 1970’s made up only 20% of total global foreign exchange transactions. Today it represents over 95% of current transactions. Currency trading has lead to huge amounts of money being changing hands on a daily basis as investors buy and sell currencies against each other. Many factors affect the value of a country’s currency including business cycles, political events, governmental and central bank monetary policies, stock market fluctuations, and international investment patterns.

Online Currency Trading

Since Forex trading is easily done through several means of communication, on-line trading being the most popular to date, it makes for lower transaction costs compared to other forms of trading such as equities or futures. Forex prices are also extremely transparent, due largely to the creation of the online trading platform. Both the transparency and low transaction fees make for even greater profit opportunities in currency trading. Traders have the ability to jump in and out of the forex market with great ease and large amounts of capital are not required to start forex trading. Currency prices are also not as volatile and usually move in strong trends thus reducing the risk that investors bear. Its size, liquidity, reliability, and tendency to move in strong trends make risk management easy for forex traders, enticing more and more people to trade currency. To trade forex you need an FX Trading Platform. Use an established and regulated company to make your trades with.